8/4/20 — New Tune on Soundcloud

6/20/20 — Music to Support Blackbird’s Music Store

9/13/19 — Spring 2019 EP


9/24/14   Movie updates!  I’ve got two bonus videos loaded up from over the summer!  At Urban Arts Academy we did another large group video to music for Turkey in the Straw.  One student wrote his own Pokemon verse, another played fiddle on the melody, and we all had a fun time dancing and singing.

Our second video comes from Leonardo’s Basement and Write It, Sing It, Direct it!!  Ever wondered why there aren’t anymore unicorns?  Here’s your answer, set to music from a song written by the Irish Rovers.

4/4/14  Once a month on a Friday night, Music Night is the place to be in Whanganui, NZ! Here I am playing some Michigan Moon, but over the course of the evening we saw 4 or 5 other bands including: Hobnail and Clazzmatic Boogie Orchestra.  Be sure to check out Clazzmatic’s “I Can’t Resist”!


Here are two new songs that you can feel free to download and listen.  They are both first drafts of songs that I have been working on.

Pass You on By is a tune I wrote that Folk ‘n’ Thieves will be getting around to recording sometime soon.

Following the Geese is a poem I wrote, set to music.

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