10/19/15  Every week you can come on down to Blackbird’s Music Store and participate in the Adult Learner’s Jam!  We have a great time learning songs out of the Parking Lot Picker’s Songbook.  We try to work on at least one tune by ear every week and attendees take turns leading a song, learning to solo and accompanying each other in a group.  It’s an awful lot of fun and only costs $5 a session!  There’s alittle more information if you head over to Blackbird’s webpage here.


Event at the Red Balloon Bookshop!   Cowboy Poetry and Sing-a-long with Nancy Bo Flood and Neal Swanger!




More information can be found at this link!


Blackbird Final Ed Workshop Aug 12-23Here are some fun videos from my summer working with camps at Urban Arts Academy and Leonardo’s Basement!!

Kung Fu Fighting with Star Wars at the Urban Arts Academy

Amish Paradise  – Classic Weird Al Yankovich

Balloon Man – Robyn Hitchcock

Leonardo’s Basement Rap – Elias