2/19/15   Jack Frost has been busy.  Currently – 8 degrees here in Minneapolis.


2/18/15  Upcoming Shows!   I’m excited to be joined on March 6th at the Dunn by songwriter Dan Tanz.  You can hear him play tunes with his band Farewell Tenney, but on March 6th, you’ll hear him solo on the Dunn Brothers stage at 7:30.

On April 3rd I’ll be joined by fellow Folk ‘n’ Thief, Jake Kulju, aka Dead Hand Jate.  We’ll be playing some of the tunes we’ve scrawled out over the past few years.  You’ll probably hear some guitar, mandolin, harmonica, and some good ol’ fashioned song singin’.

Also, here’s that blog post!

1/17/15   Vacation is good!  This year on New Year’s Eve to be exact, we traveled to Cambodia to visit some very dear friends of ours.  Here’s a picture of Angkor Wat to give you a little taste.  Blog Post to be uploaded soon!



10/12/14  Blue Ridge Mountain Blues with the Folk ‘n’ Thieves


9/24/14   Movie updates!  I’ve got two bonus videos loaded up from over the summer!  At Urban Arts Academy we did another large group video to music for Turkey in the Straw.  One student wrote his own Pokemon verse, another played fiddle on the melody, and we all had a fun time dancing and singing.

Our second video comes from Leonardo’s Basement and Write It, Sing It, Direct it!!  Ever wondered why there aren’t anymore unicorns?  Here’s your answer, set to music from a song written by the Shel Silverstein and recorded by the Irish Rovers.

9/10/14  What a summer it’s been!  Lots of fun activities including shows here and there, informal jams, music videos at summer camps, exciting work at Blackbird Music, and songwriting.

Speaking of shows-  This Saturday I’ll be at Fulton Festival with the Folk ‘n’ Thieves from 1-3pm and at Dunn Brothers on Grand in the evening from 7:30-9:30pm.  Not to mention that Porchfest is also happening this weekend!


Lily Springs Farm, WI

It’s been a wild ride through the summer.  I’ve spent much of my time working with youth programs throughout the Metro Area making music videos and teaching songwriting classes to youth.  It’s inspired a lot of music making and fun.  Students have wanted to work on everything across the spectrum from Katy Perry songs to Down by the Riverside.  We’ve even had a couple of original tunes come out through work at Musicworks MN.

Here’s a little taste of some of the fun.  We’ll work on our camera steadiness issues for next time!

You can find all sorts of others on my YouTube channel or at the Leonardo’s Basement YouTube channel.  I’ve still got a few others to complete as well, so stay tuned for those!

Overall it’s been a summer of music, fun, and celebration.  No doubt you’ll be hearing more from my own songwriting and Folk ‘n’ Thieves this fall.  Check back here for updates!


7/16/14   Alittle brotherly love today in honor of Luke who will be playing a benefit concert next Wednesday.  Here’s the info and if you can make the trip over to see him and Zach play, it will be well worth it!



7/16/14    A great little write up about my songs on the upcoming Lakeland Television Movie : Veritas Caput regarding the search for the true source of the Mississippi River.


Proud to announce that some of my music will be heard on a local Lakeland Television PBS program entitled: NA MAIRA CEILTI.  This documentary explores the history of the famous Irish sea pirate Grace O’Malley!

When I wrote the song Old Man and the Sea, it was after I had visited Ireland in 2003.  I returned again in 2010 before having recorded it on Broken Ground.  I had no idea it would end up in this documentary based on Ireland!  Fitting.

Follow this link to read more about Grace O’Malley and how she always had it in for the British…well into her 70s!  She’s even on Facebook..  :)


New Zealand Blog post —  Music Links, Accents, and Lots and Lots of Views!!



I’m pretty excited to be back in the Cities after a beautiful time in New Zealand.  I’ll have some pictures posted over here at my blogspot in the next couple of days.

Meanwhile, hop on over to my community page and check out the recent goings-on there.  I have the opportunity to lead a sing-a-long with author Nancy Bo Flood this Saturday.  I’ll be playing a few tunes as she reads from her book entitled : Cowboy Up!  Ride the Navajo Rodeo.


It’s all happening at the Red Balloon Workshop this Saturday April 5th at 10:30am!


No news is good news right!   :)   Here’s a link to my latest newsletter.

Great show last night at the Dunn Brothers on Grand Ave.  Coming up this week is a Pete Seeger Tribute Concert at Driftwood Char Bar on Wednesday the 26th.

Then it’s a trip to New Zealand.  I’ll have some pictures to post from there!



Local write up regarding Blackbird Music!  Great little repair and lesson shop where I’ve been working.


Here’s a recent mix for a summer class I did at Leonardo’s Basement in South Minneapolis.  The kids made five videos for the class.  This sixth one (Balloon Man) was a group effort.  We only had a final day to put it together into a performance, but they learned the chorus and belted it out!   Special thanks to Mark Safford and his High Art Class for the beautiful balloon footage!  The video may take some time to load.  You can watch them all on YouTube here!


This Sunday starting @ 4pm I’ll be joining Shaun Daniel and Tim Cheesebrow as we send Shaun back west!!   Stop by for some food and a pint and a Folksplosion!



I’m behind!!  I know…but I had a fabulous week at Danebod Folk Camp out in Tyler, MN.  I mixed live sound for about 10 instruments while everyone was cutting a rug on the dance floor!


The Folk ‘n’ Thieves have some new gigs coming up.  And I’ve got some new gigs coming up on the SHOWs section of this page.  Pictures and some new recordings coming soon!


Still time to order your ticket!

May 31st with the Redpath Sisters!  All proceeds go to Musicworks!

Click the poster to order your tickets!

Redpath poster-01



Here is the archive for our recent radio show:

Folk’n’Thieves on KFAILive at Studio 5!!

folk branding iron logo

Don’t forget to contribute to KFAI’s Spring Pledge Drive to raise money for community radio!



Upcoming shows:

             May 18th — 7:30-9:30pm — with Shaun Daniel @ Dunn Brothers on Grand

May 31st  Fundraiser for MusicWorks w/ Redpath @ Chautauqua Fine Arts Center 7-10pm


              Following the Geese 

The wood stove burns brightly with a fire, 
you breathe softly next to me.
Your body welcomes the end of the day,
the routine of us.
While November wanders down the streets outside
heading south, following the geese.

The final pitches of summer's pastime,
slam into the mitt.
Leather ricochets into the infield grass,
the batter's hands, jarred and stinging.
The clouds no longer floating,
skid across the sky.
While November wanders down the streets outside
heading south, following the geese.

Words fall from trees like ripened leaves,
patterns unseen.
Puzzled out, collected, discarded,
raked into a pile.
This is wear I fell, this is where I'll bloom,
in the lines of your face.
While November wanders down the streets outside
heading south, following the geese.

I can trace your face, I can see it in
my young mind's eye.
It catches and holds my gaze,
like the familiar rooms of home.
This is where I fell, this is where I'll bloom,
in the lines of your face.
While November wanders down the streets outside,
heading south, following the geese.





Blog update?  —  check

01/09/13                             Blog…blog…….blog….blogspot!       

Cookin’ up the latest EP release from the Folk ‘n’ Thieves has had its fair share of ‘seat of your pants’ moments!  Happy Folkin’ New Year (as an idea) was on the books since October.  Inspired by a trip to the North Shore for a wedding (aided by whitefish, dandelion wine, cigars, and fresh pressed cider), we dared ourselves to get an EP together before the New Year struck!  No sweat right?  read more…


01/04/13                                   New Year = New Music!!!

12/21/12                       Those Folk ‘n’ Thieves are at it again!!

Head over to Facebook to check out there 5 days of Folk ‘n’ Thieves Christmas, where you can get tracks from their new cd, watch their Happy Folkin’ New Year Trailer, and keep tabs on their otherwise rambunctious behavior.

Artwork by Jeffrey Nelson (he’s great)!!

12/4/12               Show at the Dunn with Singer Songwriter Ana Lena Copeland 

11/28/12         Read my conversation with Tim Westergren Founder of Pandora @

Will rationality win the day when it comes to artist royalties and Pandora?

or….does it all just come down to

(I don’t have many of these $20 bills layin’ around..)


Don’t forget to head over to Folk Alley’s Open Mic or WTIP for Neal’s interview on the Roadhouse Show in Grand Marais.

10/19/12          Folk Alley’s Featured Open Mic Artist of the Month!!!

I was absolutely floored yesterday when I learned I’d be featured on Folk Alley’s website.  The site is produced by WKSU-FM in Kent, Ohio.  Folk Alley has been streaming folk music online since September 2003 and you can listen 24 hours a day.  I’ll be spotlighted in the Folk Alley Stream, Fresh Cuts, and the October podcast Alley Cast!

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Folk Alley, make sure you stop by & check it out! They are always playing a lot of great music and are up on all the latest folk music news!


10/18/12              Radio Show Link-   The Roadhouse with Buck and Bob!

Here’s the link from WTIP Radio from my interview in Grand Marais.  You can listen to the archived show here.  I was joined by Dan Olmschenk from Folk ‘n’ Thieves.

Roadhouse Show Link

The Roadhouse is hosted by Buck Benson and Bob Carter and is produced by Ann Possis.  It starts at 5pm on Fridays.  This archived show contains a Folk ‘n’ Thieves tune, a dedicated song, and a performance of Michigan Moon as well.


9/28/12                    Wandering Soundtrack features the Backyard Booyah 

Friend and fellow Minneapolis musician Valerie Leussler wrote a great little piece about the backyard booyah in June.  Link to her blog with the picture below!


9/17/12                                            Pennsylvania Tour 

Midtown Scholar Photos by Rebekah Nolt