7/18/23 –  We are 8 songs into the new album over on Patreon!   Four more to go.   You can listen to the latest now, Arbutus.   Sign up today for just $5 monthly.  You can hear the songs as they develop, change, percolate.  You’ll also get insight into my process as a songwriter.

11/16/22  –  Exciting News!   You can join me over on Patreon as I get ready to release my next album.  I’ll be posting one song a month for about a year until I have enough for an album.  This month I’ve started with Following the Geese.  It’s currently posted and ready for you to listen for only $5 a month.  Sign up today on Patreon!

9/6/22 [instagram feed=”857″]

9/14/21  – Streaming show coming October 1st @ 7-8pm  Central Time.    Join me from the living room at this link!

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